When people ask me what I’ve been doing, I have a hard time explaining. I usually say something like, “I’m taking a break from work.” I wrote this essay to give a better explanation. 
There's a game here to be played. We all got a ticket for free. It all starts from just that moment of sitting still and letting your senses play the…
Love is power. Fear undermines power. Fear exhausts and takes away from power. The energy I could be spending loving is spent on fear and worry.
There’s some stuff that just passes with time.
I am very interested in what people choose to do when they learn that they will die soon.
Lately, I’ve been looking deeper into myself whenever I experience a negative emotion.
I am thinking about my back pain. It occurs to me that maybe if I just pay attention to the pain for long enough, it will tell me what it wants to say.
I'm not always sure when to trust my body and when to trust my mind. Sometimes they lead me in opposite directions and it is like I am at a fork in the…
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