Hi 👋 I’m Cole Feldman, a creative writer who started this newsletter to explore a new avenue for getting my writing out to the world.

In the past, I’ve self-published on Amazon. Click here to see my books. 📚

But then I read this article by Elle Griffin.

Did you know 27% of U.S. adults don’t read books? And those who do only read for 16 minutes per day.

This data confirmed something I already knew—we consume content differently now.

Americans spend over two hours per day on social media and almost three hours per day watching TV. 😳

As a writer, I needed to adapt.

So I started something new, Something Daily.

How I got here …

I started writing during my sophomore year in college. I was running around the lake on campus during a typically cold winter in South Bend, Indiana—snow on the ground, lake frozen, breath condensating.

One of my buddies shouted back to the rest of us, running on the trail in a line:

“What’s one thing y’all want to do before you die?”

My answer was: I want to write a book.

After I said it, I thought to myself, what am I waiting for? So I started writing that book immediately when I got back to my dorm room.

Almost a decade later, I’ve now written and self-published six books (and counting) on Amazon. You can find them here. 📚

But I still have a lot to learn …

I left my job in March 2021 to focus on my writing full-time.

Since then, I’ve been writing a lot, but most of it I haven’t been sharing with anyone, except for the occasional poem that I send to my girlfriend.

My hope for this newsletter is that it will help me get my writing “out there” on a more regular basis, other than just the annual self-published paperback.

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